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Trump to establish ‘National Vetting Center’ for immigrants, travelers: report


President Trump will reportedly establish a “National Vetting Center” to improve scrutiny of travelers and immigrants to the U.S.

Citing “two administration officials,” CNN reported that Mr. Trump will sign a national security memorandum Tuesday that orders several government agencies to get the Center up and running within six months.

While the memorandum does not fund the Center or give it any new legal power, CNN reported, it seeks to streamline the vetting process and improve communication and information-sharing among federal agencies.

The departments involved include Homeland Security, State, Justice and some intelligence agencies, CNN reported.

According to a “National Security Council official” who spoke to CNN, the Center will focus most on visa applicants, with a secondary emphasis on vetting people already in the U.S. but subject to deportation proceedings.

Mr. Trump’s order will also establish an oversight panel that will police the Center on privacy and civil liberties issues, CNN reported.

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