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The Mama June Transformation – Weight Loss Journey Everybody’s Talking About

Most pop culture fans are aware that celebrity Mama June is the news again and this time it is for the right reasons. The 37-year-old has undergone arguably one of the best celebrity weight transformations in recent time. At her heaviest, Mama June was 460 lbs and she is now a size 4. Mama June has talked candidly about her weight loss struggles in the past, but it appears that all that is behind her now as she seeks to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. Speaking about her transformation, Mama June said that she feels great after the whole process and that she still remains the same outgoing and loving person that she was even before when she was more than 300 lbs heavier. Many people went on social media to congratulate her on her achievements and others were surprised if indeed she was the Mama June they previously knew. She also talked about how she hated the disguises she had to adorn during the filming of the show so as not to reveal herself before the episode had been aired.    

The Mama June Transformation

Mama June’s weight loss journey has been well documented on the WE TV show Mama June: From Not to Hot. The show is a 7 part series that showcases what Mama June went through to reach her current weight. She was barely recognizable when she was revealed her new body size at the end of From Not to Hot. Mama June transformation was a combination of surgery and extreme training program. Her trainer, Kenya Crooks said that they did a lot of weight training and other cardio exercises like running.    

Mama June Weight Loss Surgeries   

Mama June has had various surgeries which are related to her weight loss journey. These surgeries were featured on the episodes on the show. Back in 2016, she did a gastric surgery which makes the stomach smaller. After losing more weight she went back to get another surgery to remove excess skin. The mother of 4 also had another surgery on her breasts in which the size of her breasts was reduced. It is reported that all of June’s surgeries could have cost an upwards of more than $50,000.

Mama June transformation shows that with the will and the right mindset, it is absolutely possible to lose weight. Going from over 300 lbs to a size 4 is no mean feat. Her show, From Not to Hot should be a must watch for people who are struggling with weight loss. On the show, you can see how Mama June had hidden a secret stash of junk food which her daughter discovered and ratted out to June’s trainer. The show is a reminder of the long journey of weight loss and what it really takes for that level of transformation.    

It was also refreshing that Mama June was upfront about the surgeries that she got as that is something that most celebrities tend to hide when talking about their body transformations. The show also opens up the world of surgery in weight loss and provides a lot of knowledge to people who would like to choose this path. One major takeaway from the surgeries that Mama June had is that you have to combine surgery with other natural weight loss programs such as diet and exercise. This came out when according to her trainer Kenya, the new challenge is in maintaining her new weight. Kenya said that since Mama June transformation included surgeries, it is in her best interest to maintain a healthy weight.  

This means that June will have to adopt new major changes, especially in her diet and exercise regimen. Mama June also hinted that she did not feel as small as she is and that her daughters and close friends had to remind her of her new body size. According to her daughter “Pumpkin,” Mama June transformation was possible because she did not do it for other people but for her own. June is a good testament that anybody can achieve get their dream body or achieve their weight loss goals. It is a tough journey but the rewards are worth it as Mama Junes notes. This is also the best time to lose weight since there are many weight loss options and solutions currently in the market.

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