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The History of the Telephone

In today’s world of technology, OLD FASHIONED Telephones have come a long way. Especially since the development of the SMART phone. Which were considered to be cutting edge back when they first were introduced.

Back in the day, the telephone was part of that day’s latest technology. Where people would reach out to their friends and loved ones with the push of a button or turning a rotary dial. Therefore giving them the ability to talk from long distances away.

Thanks to the introduction of the “phone book”, we now have the ability to access any phone number of our choosing. Then came the address-telephone-book which allowed us to jot down important contact information for our family, friends, and business associates.

Today there are millions of people around the world who have a cell phone or other form of communication device like a Smartphone. If you’ve children under the age of thirty, they are probably totally clueless of those OLD FASHIONED Telephones which we used to use.

In the past, we needed to answer the phone in order to find out who was calling us. That is until caller ID was developed in the 1980’s. And before call waiting was introduced, we were stuck listening to that annoying busy signal if the person we tried to reach was unavailable.

If we’d forgotten to place the receiver back in its cradle, a message would pop up telling us to “hang up our phone”. Which gave us a certain amount of time to hang it back up before proceeding to alarm.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we are no longer required to stand in one spot while talking on the telephone. And those annoying coiled phone cords which would get all tangled up. Basically getting no privacy whatsoever. Not to mention the way your hair would get stuck in it.

I can recall a time when you could see what the weather was going to be like by making a simple phone call. And receiving an additional charge for calling the number to get assistance. My family would always get the cheapest cords which tended to twist and turn in every direction imaginable. That is until the cordless phone was invented! If sure you’d all agree with me when I say “Talking on the phone became much more enjoyable”.

Because of the shortage of copper wire, started to share their phone lines. Which became highly popular in areas within the city. Even though it might seem like a good idea, it still came with its fair share of disadvantages. Such as the fact that your neighbors had the ability to listen in on your phone calls. Nosing their way into one’s personal life.I’ll never forget my parent’s rotary phone that spun clockwise when you dialed out! Which came in such drab colors. Plus, being a person who likes getting my monthly manicures, it was quite annoying when they would chip off while I was dialing the number.

I didn’t get my first cell phone until after turning 25, which was like a dream come true. Especially when my husband and I started dating. Then I was always using the cell phone.

At this point in my life, I tend to venture back in time and how far we’ve come! Leaving me in total amazement at the world in which I live.

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