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Los Angeles-Speech Therapy: The Solution Your Child Needs

Speech therapy is a clinical program that aims at improving the language skills and speech of your child with the help of speech-language pathologists(SLPs). The program deals with a variety of language and speech disorders which include fluency, articulation as well as voice regulation. It also teaches your child how to understand and express the language using pictures, written words, body signs, and communication systems like computers and social media platforms. Besides, the speech therapy also focuses on feeding disorders like swallowing or eating. If you’re looking for counseling such as speech therapy Los Angeles is home to great pathologists, notably through Speak Live Play.


Importance of Speech Therapy to a Child

Some children may be faster learners or have perfect pronunciation, but they may require speech therapy at one point to enhance their pragmatic language. Also, the program is helpful to a child who may have medical conditions like Down Syndrome, brain injury, or any complication that affects his or her ability to communicate. The services are introduced to the child at an early age and continues as they join the school and begin communication using written language. Speech therapy Los Angeles offers can benefit a wide variety of children with special cases such as: 


  • Articulation and Speech Sound Disorders 
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders and Delays 
  • Apraxia of Speech 
  • And much more… 


Functions of Speech Therapists or SLPs

The speech and language pathologists are essential in helping to identify the language and speech disorders among children or students. They assist them by putting their ideas into words and finally forming sentences. They also help them to understand and follow all directions.

To offer direct services to the children, speech therapists perform evaluations first and communicate with teachers informing them to build language-type classrooms for children with speech and language problems.

An SLP can be a person or a group of people facing the same communication and social challenges. Their main aim is to create friendships, make language enjoyable, and motivate students to achieve their goals and dreams in school. Melissa is an experienced pathologist in Los Angeles. Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy are her expertise. Use the link above to learn more about Melissa and Speak Live Play.

Speech Therapy Programs

Speech therapists not only focus on language, cognitive, or articulation problems but also deal with eating and swallowing difficulties among children. It’s not always a surprise to find kids with both feeding and language disorders. Such children are assisted using smoother motor aspects of moving lips and jaws simultaneously.

The SLP may also use whistles, blow toys and introduce a blow the cotton ball type of relay race as a way of hardening muscles mostly used in eating and communication. The program also uses a toothbrush that produces music, straws, and blowing bubbles to assist children in enduring different tastes.


Teaching Pragmatics Language

Speech therapists also deal with children who experience difficulties in interpreting others, using speech and sign language, reading and understanding certain cues, and making friends. In fact, they find it hard attending to social programs and responding to non-verbal cues. Therefore, by SLPs, the child will benefit a lot because the program teaches your child about the relationship between behaving, thinking, and how other people respond to them.


How to Treat Nonverbal Child

Children who are unable to speak are taught how to use their body language and pictures to convey their information. The process is done by early intervention and preschool speech therapists. School-aged kids may use iPads or computers to pass information in the form of a voice synthesizer or through texts. Besides, the LSPs, also use similar computers to teach children language as well as speaking skills through inspiration and engagement.


How to Find Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech and Language Pathologists are mostly found in public schools evaluating and teaching children with speech, language, and eating disorders. Therefore, as a parent, you may either choose to have a private SLP or allow your child to join any social skills training program in school. Ensure you ask a physician or the school guidance department to propose the best club having kids of same development needs and ages to yours. You may also find them through social media platforms offering online directory services. These services help parents to understand the period at which their kid can develop language problems and seek medical assistance earlier.

The earlier the intervention, the better. If you live in California and you have a child who needs speech therapy you can start now. Many parents who have tried the speech therapy Los Angeles offers can attest to its amazing capabilities.  Most children who are introduced to speech therapists at an earlier age typically improve quicker and you won’t need the program anymore at a later stage in life. Speech therapists ensure your child is perfect in understanding words and communicating with others.

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