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How to Know if You’re in Need of a Chiropractor-Austin, Texas

A spinal adjustment could be the solution you need of if you are suffering from migraines, headaches, joint pain, or backaches and have tried multiple painkillers to no avail. With a history dating back to the 1890s, chiropractic realignment as it is now commonly referred to is considered a non-invasive, holistic, drug-free approach that can be effective in healing the body from a myriad of ailments from within.

When searching for a good chiropractor Austin may be the place to look if you are living in Texas. Stick with this article to learn more about the benefits of the chiropractic field and whether or not it’s what you’re looking for.

Health Benefits Involved

It is understandable to question the role of vertebral joint manipulations in healing the body, but your spine is your lifeline and taking good care of it ultimately helps in preventing and treating a number of health conditions. That’s right, below are a number of benefits you stand to gain by being productive with your spine’s welfare: 

  • Improved athletic performance 
  • Improved functionality and flexibility 
  • Prevention of back surgery 
  • Improvement of neurological conditions
  • Treatment of acid reflux and ear infections
  • Reduction of sciatica symptoms
  • Relief from insomnia

How the Treatment is Carried Out

First and foremost, the procedure should only be done by a medical professional who has been licensed after receiving chiropractic training. A normal procedure would be assessment, diagnosis, and finally treatment followed by advice on how to better care for your spine as you go about your daily activities. Again, when seeking a Chiropractor Austin provider, Texas has many amazing licensed and experienced doctors that can help you get adjusted comfortably and quickly.

Your whole body is connected by the spine, and an unexpected shift in any part of this area could cause ripple effects throughout the entire system that can cause painful and tedious medical conditions. Hence, this practice is centered on the promotion of the correct or proper alignment of the backbone to help the body in carrying out its functions stress-free.

A chiropractor will use their knowledge of the human anatomy to manipulate joints by applying controlled force using either his hands or approved devices, with the intention of reducing the pressure placed on nerves, thereby improving their quality of motion. This ensures that the nervous system which, controls every organ and cell in the body, is in tip-top shape to exercise its mandate.

All this happens once you are positioned on a specially padded chiropractic table depending on where the force is being applied. Cracking or popping sounds are nothing to worry about, as they are a common reaction brought about by the movement of your joints. If you are based out of Texas, and in need of a chiropractor Austin is definitely the place to start your search!

Accompanying Treatments

Chiropractic care is not a one size fits all kind of treatment and neither does it rule out the possibility of other treatment methods. Sometimes, extra therapy might be required depending on the level of severity of the problem, the following can be employed: 

  • Electrical Stimulation 
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Exercise 
  • Stretching 
  • Weight loss
  • Ice or heat application 

The above methods can be used in combination with spine realignment to facilitate quicker and better results. However, some patients may experience mild side effects after the initial sessions, which include; soreness, headaches, pain, fatigue, temporary discomfort, and, tenderness or stiffness in the adjusted areas. This should not be a point of concern, as it usually goes away within one or two days. 

Possible Risks 

While chiropractic care is generally safe, compression of nerves, the onset of certain types of strokes after neck manipulation, and a herniated disk are some of the complications that may arise due to improper manipulation. Not everyone is a candidate to receive chiropractic treatment, and these are some of the conditions that inhibit one from participating: 

  • A history of Cancer 
  • Severe Osteoporosis 
  • Inflammatory arthritis 
  • Spinal cord compression 
  • Patients taking blood thinners 
  • Excess motion of the spine 
  • Patients at risk of having a stroke 


One does not require a referral to visit a Chiropractor. Additionally, not all health complications can be treated through spinal adjustment. Some may even become worse as noted earlier. Therefore, it is paramount to first consult your medical doctor to find out whether your condition will benefit from chiropractic health care as a safe pain relief treatment option. When seeking a professional Chiropractor Austin, Texas is surely the place to begin your search! Good luck!

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