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How does PrebioThrive Work

These days, we’re constantly hearing the chant of “probiotics, probiotics” – and with good reason. The ongoing research on probiotics is hugely exciting. These “friendly” bacteria are proving to be potentially useful for a wide variety of health conditions – like the flu, allergies, obesity, and even behavioral issues. This is because these conditions often relate directly to imbalances of the microorganisms living in our guts. 

That in itself sounds like a pretty good argument for taking probiotics. 

But you may have also started to hear more and more about something known as prebiotics. These can be just as important as probiotics, in terms of your body’s health.

What Are Prebiotics? 

Prebiotics can be thought of as probiotic fuel, because they’re the substances that help to “grow” probiotics. 

Prebiotics come from fiber-rich carbs that humans can’t digest. Instead, the good-natured bacteria in your gut eat this fiber, and in doing so, they help grow more good probiotics in your gut – effectively proving that you can “make” your own probiotics. 

The saying goes that, though prebiotics are all fiber, not all fiber is prebiotic. So, to be a true prebiotic, a fiber must:

  • Resists gastric acids 
  • Be able to be fermented by the gut microflora 
  • Stimulate the growth of “friendly” gut bacteria  
  • Not be absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract2 

The evidence out there suggests that prebiotics can also have their own unique health benefits, such as assisting the body in mineral absorption, aiding in healthy digestion, and boosting the immune system, metabolism, and energy levels.3 

Prebiotic foods include: Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, and green bananas. 

One of the best ways you can get a consistent daily dose of prebiotics is by taking a prebiotic supplement. Though not quite as easy to find as probiotics just yet, there are some fantastic ones out there.

PrebioThrive by Gundry MD 

Being a fan of the book The Plant Paradox and its author, Dr. Steven Gundry, I was naturally keen to try out his line of prebiotic powder, Gundry MD PrebioThrive. 

Gundry MD is the brainchild of revered cardiologist Dr. Steven Gundry, who left a successful career in heart surgery to focus on healing the body with food. Aside from providing nutritional advice to help prevent people from ever needing surgery, Gundry MD also offers a range of supplements to help support the body – from probiotics to antioxidants to omega-3s to heart support. 

The Gundry MD prebiotic powder, known as PrebioThrive, utilizes fiber-rich prebiotic ingredients, like acacia gum and agave inulin. It’s designed to help support digestive health and strengthen the immune system. Simply add a scoop of PrebioThrive to a glass of water, or your morning smoothie, each day. 

PrebioThrive works because each of these fibers encourages good gut flora to grow and thrive.  

According to the Gundy MD website, the ingredients in PrebioThrive work because: 

  1. Acacia gum is one of the most fiber-dense prebiotics in existence. 
  2. Agave inulin is an equally excellent source of dietary fiber. 
  3. Flaxseed is a great fiber source, with the bonus of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant properties. 
  4. Galacto-oligosaccharides can help improve mineral absorption and support your immune system. 
  5. Guar gum is a potent fiber derived from the guar plant. 

According to studies, acacia gum and inulin have indeed demonstrated themselves to be very effective prebiotics.And galacto-oligosaccharides have proven to be very effective for constipation.5 

PrebioThrive is made from 100 percent natural ingredients, and it’s tested at an independent, 3rd-party facility – so you can feel safe in what you are consuming.

Money-Back Guarantee 

The thing I love about all of Dr. Gundry’s formulas is that he stands by them so passionately. He offers a full refund if you don’t feel a noticeable change in your digestive health. So you get to try all of the products risk-free, to see if they work for you.

Finally, Let’s Talk Synbiotics 

As a fan of probiotics, and as someone who’s suffered years of digestive issues, 

prebiotics seemed like the logical next step for me to further support my digestive issues. And, I have to say, I’ve noticed a real difference in using both together. Turns out, there’s scientific evidence to support this too – it’s called synbiotics. 

Synbiotics is basically the idea of probiotics and prebiotics working together in “synergy,” being far more effective in unison. 

So, try incorporating both, and see what results you get!



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