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How Detox Clay Supplements Make You Feel Full 


Detox clay was first used in ancient Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians used this clay. Pharaoh’s physicians used clay as pain reliever and sanitizer. They also used it in mummification which is the preservation of dead bodies. Galen, a Greek philosopher and physician in the second century A.D., first recorded healing injured or sick animals by use of clay. In ancient Arabia, Avicenna, famously known as the “prince of Doctors” taught students about clay therapy. The Armagosians, natives of Mexico North America Indians also used clay for healing, food, ceremonies, and body purification. The traditional cultures living in some parts of Australia, the Andes and Central Africa also use clay both internally and externally.  

Clay weight loss supplements have numerous uses, these are: skin treatment, intestinal disorders, detoxification, elimination of food allergies, cleansing of the liver together with the colon, and skin, strengthening of the immune system and balancing of bacteria in the gut. Apart from those, it also offers treatment against food poisoning, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, skin wounds, insect bites, anemia and acne.  

Its main use is detoxification which can be defined as removal of poisonous substances from the body. These poisonous substances are known as toxins. There are various toxins that humans are exposed to and they are substances like pesticides, fertilizers, medications, plastic toxins, inhaled industrial emissions, heavy metals e.g. lead and mercury, uranium and radiations. Humans have bodies than can automatically detoxify but due to the increased exposure to toxins, people should make use of detox clay.  

These detox clay used as weight loss supplements is commonly known as bentonite clay. It is made up of volcanic ash which has undergone aging or decomposition in presence of water and is found in various continents. Its largest deposit is found in Benton, Wyoming. Bentonite clay has high ability to swell and is highly absorbent. There are three types of bentonite clay which include: sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite, potassium bentonite and aluminum bentonite. The most common types are sodium bentonite and calcium bentonite which are rich in sodium and calcium respectively. Calcium bentonite is also known as calcium montmorillonite.  

The best bentonite clay for ingestion is Redmond clay since it is rich in both sodium and calcium which are essential to one’s body. Sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite or Redmond clay is used to manufacture the weight loss supplements. The supplements come in form of capsules or powder. The powder is usually ingested after being mixed with apple sauce or juice. Some dieters opt for geophony which is the ingesting of fresh clay scooped from the ground though it is not the best option since today’s soil is quite depleted.  

How does it really work?  

When the weight loss supplements are ingested, it absorbs water in the stomach. This may cause constipation therefore a dieter needs to consume it with food rich in fibroid then swells rapidly and stretches out like a sponge full of air spaces. It swells up to twelve times its original size which in turn fills up the stomach making an individual consume less food. This is why it is recommended to be taken before meals to reduce one’s appetite. This leads to less accumulation of fats hence weight loss.  

Apart from weight loss, it is also a detoxifier which gives it the name detox clay. When this medicinal clay comes into contact with fluids, it produces a charge that is electric in nature. This is similar to how earthling occurs. It takes a different charge therefore binding to any present toxins in the liquid. In its natural state, the clay has negatively charged molecules. This means that it has a missing ion and therefore looks for oppositely charged substances to bind with.  

Most heavy metals like lead and mercury have positively charged molecules. Similar to toxins in the body. This allows the clay to bind easily with the toxins and heavy metals which is how detoxification happens. Clay absorbs fluids then expands in order to extract the toxins in the liquid. This implies that it has a missing ion which makes them look for oppositely charged substances to bind with.  

In Short 

When one is in need to lose weight, he/she can use many methods. Among the effective methods that has existed over a long period of time is the one of consuming clay weight loss supplements. The working mechanism of this process is that a person who is in the process of losing weight should first take some clay before going forward to eat a meal. Upon reaching the intestines, the clay will absorb water and expand like a sponge. The expansion is the one that makes one feel full, thus eating less food. A repeated routine of this will lead to him/her losing weight.

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