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Grab All the Best Eye Make-Up Products Ever from One Store

If you are a lady? Have you always wished that you had control of your beauty? Well, you may think beauty is an inborn feature, but you can control how you look with perfect combinations of eye makeup. With the right products and application, makeup can create transformed impressions and bring out the hidden beauty of a lady. 

Different eye shapes, colors, and sizes, which require different makeup to make them stand out and attractive. With the best eye makeup products, being an eye makeup pro can be as simple as ABC. We can make it true for you.

Our Eye Makeup Products

Eye Primer – Eye primer always goes first. It creates a perfect theme base for other eye makeups and gives your eye makeup a long stay. 

Eye shadow- After applying the eye primer, you can apply the eye shadow 

Eye Liner – Depending on its application, The Eyeliner can become your makeup’s best friend or worst enemy. The perfect eyeliner will make you an eye liner pro. 

Eye Brows – Sometimes keeping a calm mood with people can be hard. Eyebrows makeup have a magic of building false facial impressions. You can also further define your eyebrows using eye shades and eye brushes. 

Eye Lashes – If you think your eyelashes count is too low or they are too straight, we have got you covered too. Most girls like Adrell’s eyelashes. You will find the Adrell and other best eye makeup brands at cheap prices.  

Mascara – Depending on your needs, you can get any mascara ranging from the lighter to the extreme versions. 

Under Eye Concealer- with the under eye concealer, you can make those black eye lines not bother you anymore.

Our featured brands include; 




The Balm 

Absolute NY 


Makeup Revolution 

Kara Beauty

How to apply eye makeup using our products

The eye primer always comes first. Apply it to create a nice surface for your makeup, once it is dry, you can follow it up with an eye shadow base or a concealer as an alternative.

For eye shades, you should always start with the four basic shades before stepping on to the complex shades. This will help you maintain the natural look without exaggerating. The basic shades include a matte black shade, a highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin, a two to three shade darker contour shade, and a matte mid-tone shade.

You will use a small flat eye shadow brush to apply the shades, a small and medium-sized brush to blend and an optional smudger.

Apply the lightest shed on the inner corner of your eyes with the flat brush and blend it outwards using the medium-sized. Cover it with the highlighter starting with the corner of your eyes. You will also need to dampen your brush by dipping it in water, which will give you an amazing pigment thereafter.

Now using the mid-tone shade, apply the eye shadow using a blending brush just above the crease. Spread it from the outer corner inwards. To work well on your crease, start with the edge of your nose moving gently to the edge of your eyes. Make sure the area below the line is clear.

Apply the contour shade on the outer corner then blend it towards the crease on the outer portion of the eye. This should be done with caution though — contour shade should not be higher than the contour shade. Apply the contour on the eyes too. 

After finishing your eyelid makeup, work on the bottom part. The mid-tone and the contour shade will work well. Mix them and apply starting from the outer corner gliding towards the highlighter. 

Apply the matte black shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and finish with the lower lash line to look complete. This will give your eyes a more impressive look. Remember to use the black shade for a great look, and curl the lashes for a more dramatic look.  

Sum it up with mascara and add eyeliner and the transformation is now complete!

Banglashoppers brings you the best eye cosmetics you will need to transform your eye looks and stand out. With sources and inspirations from US, China, UK and other best cosmetic manufacturers. Banglashoppers will give you all you need for those killer eyes. You will find all the eye makeup products at cheap prices — You pockets too matter at Banglashoppers!

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