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Following a Ketogenic Diet Plan   

The modern desire for a fit, healthy, and young-looking physique has changed the way people take their eating habits and diet observation. There is a lot of advice on the internet about how the superstar fraternity boast of how they have managed to keep fit and young looking through diet management. Keto diet has taken the world like a storm blowing everyone into the healthy eating craze.   

When you hear the word keto diet what runs in your mind? Keto is derived from the Ketogenic diet. This is the reduction of carbohydrates food in your diet and increasing food rich in fat. As carbs are generally broken down into glucose to give the body much needed energy, less intake of carbohydrate rich foods causes the body to burn fat and turn it into a state of ketosis. When the body is in ketosis there is highly brain energy and weight loss due to body fats burning instead of carbs.  

The popularity of the Keto diet drives manufacturers to come up with more and more similar foods in the form of supplements. However, these supplements should be taken with caution. You want to be sure to utilize supplements that give you the desired goals as per the keto diet you are administering. 

Which are the Keto Diet types?  

  • Standard Keto Diet 

This one is generally for the less active people who want to lose body weight, a daily consumption of fewer carbs and maximum 50g, little proteins increased fat intake.  

  • Cycling Keto Diet 

Cycling keto diet is the choice of consuming the keto diet for a given number of days and then shifting to the normal diet. as a weekly schedule, you can opt to take the keto diet for 5 days and return to normal food for 2 days. The bodybuilder fits in this type of keto diet smoothly.  

  • Targeted Keto Type  

Targeted keto type is the consumption of keto diet 30 minutes before workout, the carbs provide the energy required in the workout. This minimizes loss of energy keeping them energized during a physical engagement. This fits well to high power work out.  

  • High Protein Keto 

High protein keto increases protein consumption at 35% and fat intake at 60% This one is best if you are in athletics and bodybuilding.  

Brands of Keto Supplements  

There are always good and bad products on market. Therefore, it’s advisable to be keen on the keto supplement you need to best help you reach your desired goals. Below are the best Keto supplements we found based on online reviews.  

  1. FitClub Keto Platinum

    Fit Club Keto Platinum is a natural diet formation of supplement containing an active ketosis BHB formulation. BHB is produced by the body when the body runs at ketosis which is a process that takes 7 days. These natural effects make the FitClub Keto Platinum the best supplement choice for weight loss.

  2. Perfect KetogenicThe Perfect Ketogenic, designed by Dr.Gustin, is one of the newer supplements on the market. It works effectively and is affordable. You can use this one in hot beverages such as tea or coffee. This is a perfect choice without laboratory made components. It also contains stevia for flavor and taste.
  3. Ketogenic ForceKetogenic Force’s combined ingredients assist your body to be in ketosis relatively fast. The daily intake of 710ml gives your body the much-needed energy to keep it active. However, this supplement is more expensive compared to other supplements, it also requires some flavoring to give it a fine taste. Recommended lemon and grapefruit for flavor.
  4. 7 Keto by NutriGold7 Keto functions in the body by increasing your metabolism rate for weight loss. Contain 7 DHEA elements making the body burn fat into energy while also being good for body immunity.
  5. Bulletproof Keto PrimeKeto Prime contains oil that improves the functions of the brain, alertness, minimizes fatigue, and increases the body energy. Improvement of cell metabolism to accelerate fat burnout and ease carbs digestion.  

Whichever supplement you choose, you should keep in mind that the ketogenic diet process is not a day-long event. It requires discipline and commitment to achieve a healthy body and weight loss. 

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects   

Due to the change in the normal diet, the Ketogenic diet can cause some instability that lasts for 7 day as the body adapts. Therefore, there are some temporary side effects such as: 

  • Abnormal thirst 
  • Sluggishness  
  • Fatigue  
  • Constipation 

What to Look for in a Ketogenic Supplement  

  • Vitamin D  
  • Magnesium  
  • Fish oil  
  • Creatine
  • Carnitine  
  • Sodium and Potassium  
  • HMB  
  • Chromium  
  • BHB acid  
  • ECA stack  

Who Should Take Keto Supplements 

Keto supplements are not for everyone to consume. These supplements are not a must use directive when following the Keto Diet. However, the choice of keto Supplements reduces the side effects of Ketogenic diet, gives your body the much-needed nutrients and makes the Keto diet journey achievable.  


Never choose your Keto supplement without the required understanding of what it involves and contains. There are a variety of supplements that are believed to work wonders; but your health is paramount in the choice of the best Keto supplement. Following the guidelines provided for Keto supplements such as the FitClub Keto Platinum can certainly help you achieve your intended goals. Go for the best available products. Keto diet is beneficial to your body when administered in the correct way. 


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