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Best PC power supply 2018: top PSUs for your PC


If there is one thing that’s more important than anything else when you’re building a new PC, it’s picking out one of the best power supplies. Sure, it’s tempting to save a few bucks in order to put a little bit more towards one of the best graphics cards, but it’s not worth it. If you’re trying to build the best PC you can, it’s absolutely essential to get the best power supply that you can afford, as every single component in your rig is going to depend on it, and if you get a cheap power supply that fails, well, you’ll be stuck with a thousand dollar paperweight.

Nobody wants to deal with a power supply that’s failing. Trust us. They’re basically the textbook definition of a nightmare, and you might not even notice the symptoms before it’s too late. Sure, they could be as in-your-face as having your PC just refuse to boot up, but they could also be as subtle and minute as some lost power efficiency. Trust us, avoid the hassle and pick up one of the best PC power supplies. You don’t want your house catching fire because you wanted to save 20 clams.

There’s no need to be too worried, however, as there are a great deal of wonderful power supplies available today. Which is great, because everyone needs one they can rely on. There are budget PSUs that will power your rig without causing any of the issues above, and high-end units that can power all of the beastly components that the best gaming PCs need to operate. Whatever it is you need, check out this list of the best PC power supplies – each one has been tested by the TechRadar editorial team, and has earned our seal of approval.

Best power supply: Corsair RM750x

The best all-around power supply for your needs

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 750W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10-year

Zero-RPM fan mode

Modular Cables

750w max capacity small for power gamers

The Corsair RM750x tops our list for one simple reason: it’s the most well-rounded power supply on the market. On top of a 10 year warranty and an 80 Gold Plus efficiency rating, the Corsair has a fully modular cabling system. That means you only need to install the cables you need. Not having unused cables in your case is great for air-flow and for those who appreciate the value of good cable management.

  • This product is only available in the US and UK. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Be Quiet Straight Power 10

Best budget power supply: EVGA 500 B1

Everything you need to get started

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 500W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: None | Warranty: 3-year

Low price

6 SATA cables

500w rating

When you’re trying to keep the price of your PC similar to that of a console, you don’t want to blow a lot of your budget on a power supply. That’s where more economical options like the EVGA 500 B1 come in handy. This PSU is essentialist without neglecting the needs of its audience. For less than $50 USD, you can expect 500 watts of power transmitted through several SATA cables and two PCIe slots. A three-year warranty is merely icing on the cake.

  • This product is only available in the US and UK. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the Be Quiet Straight Power 10

Best silent power supply: be quiet! Straight Power 10

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 400W – 700W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Semi | Warranty: 5-year

Quiet  ATX and EPS support

A little pricey across capacities

Power supply fans seem to run the loudest, and unlike case fans, they aren’t quickly swappable. Fortunately the Straight Power 10 line up runs nice a quiet. Options range from 400w to 700w, and they’re SLI and Crossfire certified. They also have a modular design, letting you use only the cables you absolutely need to use. It’s also low-profile, freeing up even more space inside your computer tower.

Best compact power supply: Silverstone SFX Series SST-SX550

Perfect for Micro ATX and Mini ITX PC builds

Form factor: SFX | Capacity: 550W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: None | Warranty: 3-year

Compact size

ATX and EPS support

Limited number of connectors

Power supplies can occupy a ton of space in your desktop tower, however time has allowed for the units to get smaller while the power they emit only expands in magnitude. The Silverstone SX550 is almost half the size of other power supplies, so that you can better facilitate cables and airflow inside your computer. This makes it notably ideal for micro ATX and mini-ITX builds, though you could slide it into a mid- or full-size tower as well if you deem it necessary.

  • This product is only available in the US and UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: check out a fine alternative in the be quiet! Straight Power 10

Best high capacity power supply: Corsair AX1500i

Form factor: EPS | Capacity: 1500W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Titanium | Modularity: Fully | Warranty: 10-year

Titanium efficiency rating

Monster capacity

Huge price tag

Enormous size

This is an absolute monster of a power supply. This is for the serious builder who plans on powering multiple graphics cards, cooling systems, and perhaps a small village in rural North Dakota. It has the highest possible 80 Plus Titanium efficiency rating, and is fully modular so you only need to add the cables required by your build. If you have the money to go big, this is the power supply to get.

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