Following a Ketogenic Diet Plan   

The modern desire for a fit, healthy, and young-looking physique has changed the way people take their eating habits and diet observation. There is a lot of advice on the internet about how the superstar fraternity boast of how they have managed to keep fit and young looking through diet management. Keto diet has taken the world like a storm blowing everyone into the healthy eating craze.   

When you hear the word keto diet what runs in your mind? Keto is derived from the Ketogenic diet. This is the reduction of carbohydrates food in your diet and increasing food rich in fat. As carbs are generally broken down into glucose to give the body much needed energy, less intake of carbohydrate rich foods causes the body to burn fat and turn it into a state of ketosis. When the body is in ketosis there is highly brain energy and weight loss due to body fats burning instead of carbs.  

The popularity of the Keto diet drives manufacturers to come up with more and more similar foods in the form of supplements. However, these supplements should be taken with caution. You want to be sure to utilize supplements that give you the desired goals as per the keto diet you are administering. 

Which are the Keto Diet types?  

  • Standard Keto Diet 

This one is generally for the less active people who want to lose body weight, a daily consumption of fewer carbs and maximum 50g, little proteins increased fat intake.  

  • Cycling Keto Diet 

Cycling keto diet is the choice of consuming the keto diet for a given number of days and then shifting to the normal diet. as a weekly schedule, you can opt to take the keto diet for 5 days and return to normal food for 2 days. The bodybuilder fits in this type of keto diet smoothly.  

  • Targeted Keto Type  

Targeted keto type is the consumption of keto diet 30 minutes before workout, the carbs provide the energy required in the workout. This minimizes loss of energy keeping them energized during a physical engagement. This fits well to high power work out.  

  • High Protein Keto 

High protein keto increases protein consumption at 35% and fat intake at 60% This one is best if you are in athletics and bodybuilding.  

Brands of Keto Supplements  

There are always good and bad products on market. Therefore, it’s advisable to be keen on the keto supplement you need to best help you reach your desired goals. Below are the best Keto supplements we found based on online reviews.  

  1. FitClub Keto PlatinumFit Club Keto Platinum is a natural diet formation of supplement containing an active ketosis BHB formulation. BHB is produced by the body when the body runs at ketosis which is a process that takes 7 days. These natural effects make the FitClub Keto Platinum the best supplement choice for weight loss.
  2. Perfect Ketogenic

    The Perfect Ketogenic, designed by Dr.Gustin, is one of the newer supplements on the market. It works effectively and is affordable. You can use this one in hot beverages such as tea or coffee. This is a perfect choice without laboratory made components. It also contains stevia for flavor and taste.

  3. Ketogenic ForceKetogenic Force’s combined ingredients assist your body to be in ketosis relatively fast. The daily intake of 710ml gives your body the much-needed energy to keep it active. However, this supplement is more expensive compared to other supplements, it also requires some flavoring to give it a fine taste. Recommended lemon and grapefruit for flavor.
  4. 7 Keto by NutriGold

    7 Keto functions in the body by increasing your metabolism rate for weight loss. Contain 7 DHEA elements making the body burn fat into energy while also being good for body immunity.

  5. Bulletproof Keto Prime

    Keto Prime contains oil that improves the functions of the brain, alertness, minimizes fatigue, and increases the body energy. Improvement of cell metabolism to accelerate fat burnout and ease carbs digestion.  

Whichever supplement you choose, you should keep in mind that the ketogenic diet process is not a day-long event. It requires discipline and commitment to achieve a healthy body and weight loss. 

Ketogenic Diet Side Effects   

Due to the change in the normal diet, the Ketogenic diet can cause some instability that lasts for 7 day as the body adapts. Therefore, there are some temporary side effects such as: 

  • Abnormal thirst 
  • Sluggishness  
  • Fatigue  
  • Constipation 

What to Look for in a Ketogenic Supplement  

  • Vitamin D  
  • Magnesium  
  • Fish oil  
  • Creatine
  • Carnitine  
  • Sodium and Potassium  
  • HMB  
  • Chromium  
  • BHB acid  
  • ECA stack  

Who Should Take Keto Supplements 

Keto supplements are not for everyone to consume. These supplements are not a must use directive when following the Keto Diet. However, the choice of keto Supplements reduces the side effects of Ketogenic diet, gives your body the much-needed nutrients and makes the Keto diet journey achievable.  


Never choose your Keto supplement without the required understanding of what it involves and contains. There are a variety of supplements that are believed to work wonders; but your health is paramount in the choice of the best Keto supplement. Following the guidelines provided for Keto supplements such as the FitClub Keto Platinum can certainly help you achieve your intended goals. Go for the best available products. Keto diet is beneficial to your body when administered in the correct way. 


Detailed Overview of CBD Hemp Oil:Its Health Benefits and Side Effects

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) Hemp oil is a cannabis compound that contains low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol i.e. THC. CBD Hemp oil interacts with the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system. The past few years have seen an increased use of the legal marijuana as well as other cannabis commodities for various treatment options. The main compounds found in cannabis are THC and CBD. Note that CBD is mainly found from hemp plant extracts. Apart from CBD Hemp Oil for sale, the product is also available as capsules, oil, gummies, extracts, supplements, gels, and other edibles. All these products interact with the endocannabinoid system to produce different effects on the body.


CBD vs THC are all found in the cannabis plant. They all have the same chemical structures but their psychoactive effects are not the same. It’s been established that CBD isn’t a psychoactive compound. This means that it doesn’t give users a “high” feeling which THC is usually associated with it. When comparing CBD vs THC, it should be noted that THC normally binds itself to the brain’s CB1 receptors, leading to euphoria. CBD doesn’t bind itself to the CB1 receptors and if it does, its binding effect is very weak.

Other Facts about CBD Hemp Oil

  • It’s illegal in some states. For instance, all the states in America have passed a law to allow people to use CBD hemp oil for sale. The oil provides a soothing and healing effect that’s similar to those certain medications.
  • CBD Hemp Oil contains low THC levels. The psychoactive components that are found in CBD are way too little to cause any euphoria.
  • Ingesting CBD oil doesn’t cause any “high” feeling.
  • It should be used in recommended doses in order to avoid harmful side effects.

CBD Hemp Oil Ingredients

This cannabis-based product contains low levels of THC and high levels of the cannabinoid compound. A cannabinoid is the main active compound that is found in this product. CBD oil usually contains more cannabinoids and other ingredients such as vegetable glycerine. The oil is derived from cannabis’ leaves, flowers or even stalks.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil

According to CBD oil reviews, this product provides users with numerous amazing health benefits. Currently, there are multiple ongoing research studies which are being conducted to establish the benefits of this compound. In some instances, some governments have approved its use to treat various medical conditions. Outlined below are some of its benefits.

1. Epilepsy

Be aware that using CBD oil products to treat epilepsy has been approved by the FDA. Epidiolex is a CBD-based drug that is used for therapy. Medical centers can now use this drug to treat the Lennox Gastatut Syndrome which is a condition that’s characterized by seizures in children. Besides that, it’s also used to treat the Dravet Syndrome that causes frequent seizures that are related to fever. Note that epidiolex should be prescribed to children under the age of two years. Also, it should only be prescribed by a pharmacist or a physician.

2. Diabetes Type 1

When the body cells are attacked by the immune system in the human pancreas, it leads to diabetes type 1. According to research studies, it’s been established that CBD Hemp oil can alleviate the symptoms of pancreatic inflammation. This is a great step especially in the current state where there isn’t any known specific treatment for diabetes type 1. There is also research that indicates that this oil may help to reduce, delay or prevent the onset of this type of diabetes.

3. Cancer

A comprehensive cbd oil review indicates that this cannabis-based product may combat cancer. There is a medical evidence that shows it may limit cancer from spreading in the body. Compounds found in CBD not only help to suppress the growth of the cells that are associated with cancer but they also facilitate their destruction. Besides that, CBD Hemp oil has low toxicity levels and it’s more effective than most cancer drugs. However, there is still an ongoing research to determine if the extracts may be applied in standard treatments of cancer.

4. Drug and Smoking Addiction

There is a promising evidence that CBD Hemp oil may help people to quit drug and smoking addiction. It helps to reduce nicotine cravings as well as drug withdrawals. There is also evidence that suggests this cannabis product can be used to treat withdrawal symptoms in people with opioid addiction.

5. Pain Relief

CBD Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory benefits. There are prescription drugs as well as over the counter drugs which help to relieve chronic pain and muscle stiffness. The non-psychoactive components that are found in the CBD Hemp oil are currently being used to treat joint pains, arthritis etc. CBD Drops are used to treat various medical conditions.

6. Alzheimer’s Disease

There is enough medical evidence that shows CBD Hemp may be used to treat or slow down the progress of the Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence suggests that this cannabis plant product can be used to treat and inhibit the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease especially in its early stages.

7. Acne Treatment

Acne is a condition that affects a big percentage of the global population. It’s caused by closed sebaceous glands causing inflammation on the skin. Studies indicate that there CBD Hemp oil helps to slow down the sebum production which causes acne. This product could be used in the future as a standard acne vulgaris treatment.

8. Anxiety Disorders

Currently, there are numerous brands in the market claiming that using of CBD for anxiety is the best way to get rid of anxiety. It’s been established with cannabinoid helps to reduce social anxiety and other anxiety-related disorders. Apart from the CBD oil (Which has most hype in the market) other products are CBD cream, gummies, capsules etc. and they can be used to treat panic attacks, social or general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder among others. CBD oil for anxiety is effective but it should be used in moderation to reduce harmful side effects.

Drop of CBD oilSide Effects of CBD Hemp Oil

Detailed CBD oil review shows that it can also cause users side effects. There are various studies that have established that the safety of CBD hemp oil is still in question. As much as they should be used only under prescription and in required doses, they can still cause:

• Mood swings
• Fatigue and tiredness
• Changes in weight
• Suppressed or increased appetite
• Stomach cramps

A cannabis-based drug such as Epidiolex is associated with very serious health effects which include lethargy, irritability, liver problems, skin sensitivity and infections including rashes, breathing problems, gastrointestinal problems, and urination problems. Note that taking CBD Hemp Oil can also amplify the symptoms of depression or promote suicidal thoughts. For anyone using this product, it’s important to exercise a lot of caution and monitor mood changes.

Where CBD-Hemp Oil Can Be Purchased

These products can be purchased from approved healthcare pharmacies. In addition to that, there are online medical outlets that are allowed to sell them. Note that before using any CBD-based product, first consult with your medical care provider. Outlined below are some of the best CBD oil products include:

The Best CBD Oils in 2018

If you are living in pain or you are under medication for a chronic disease, its effect can be one unending horror. It might even be very difficult to get out from your bed and do the simple tasks. Furthermore, meeting other people and going to social places may be difficult. This is because certain environments might cause some medical conditions to flare up. But, do you know that CBD Hemp oil can be used to reduce certain symptoms or to prevent the effects of chronic diseases? The reason why people are using CBD Hemp oil products is that they are affordable, natural and have minimal side effects. The best CBD oil products include:

1. Pure-Kana

Pure-Kana CBD oil drops are some of the most sought-after CBD products globally. The non-GMO and organic product is chemical-free and contains less than 0.1 percent of THC. PureKana CBD Hemp products are organically grown and they contain very high concentrations of CBD.

2. CBD Pure

It is a high-quality CBD oil product with a lot of benefits. For those suffering from chronic pain, CBD Pure provides an effective form of relief. The chemical-free and organic product are used to treat various ailments.

3. Charlotte’s Web

This is a plant-extract of cannabis that contains high levels of CBD. Charlotte’s Web is rich in phytonutrients, other cannabinoids and amino acids which help to promote healthy growth and alleviate painful symptoms of various medical conditions.


This is a new and unique range of CBD products. Fab CBD Hemp products are manufactured with all-natural ingredients such as cannabinoids and terpenes. The products are available as CBD oil drops, chews and topical creams. The lab-tested products are used to treat various medical conditions including joint and muscle problems, anxiety, skin irritations etc.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, CBD Hemp oil is an amazing organic product. The natural remedy that is used with different people across the globe can be used to treat many types of ailments. CBD Hemp oil appeals to a wider user audience thanks to its effectiveness. Its use is quickly gaining momentum worldwide and this is expected to grow as more and more people are turning to plant-based products for medication. However, there is still an ongoing research about CBD Hemp Oil.



Benefits of Online Shopping and How Bangladesh is Tapping on E-commerce

What is Online Shopping?

Well, this is the process where consumers purchase goods or services directly from the sellers via the internet. The development of ultra-modern technology has seen various businesses switch from the traditional physical methods of selling products. The internet has provided a convenient and cost-effective platform where sellers can directly interact with consumers.

Why Consumers Like to Shop Online

There are various reasons as to why consumers like to shop online. However, one of the top reasons is convenience. E-commerce offers consumers the much-needed convenience in that they can shop at anytime from anywhere. You don’t have to spend time walking through rows and rows of products or wait in line to pay. The products are also more affordable compared to the price of products in most physical stores. The cheaper e-commerce prices is because there are no middlemen involved as the products come from the manufacturer directly to the seller and the consumer.

The Bangladeshi e-Commerce Revolution

Bangladeshi e-Commerce Revolution

E-commerce is one of the biggest contributors to the Bangladesh economy. Online shopping bd has grown in massive leaps over the past decades and this has been attributed to the rapid evolution of technology. Although during the early 2000s Bangladesh had limited internet access, currently there’s widespread access to the internet. According to the e-commerce Association of Bangladesh, there are about 8, 000 e-commerce Facebook pages from Bangladesh. Additionally, there are around 700 e-commerce sites and Facebook is the biggest advertising platform for businesses. The most popular types of e-commerce in this city are Business to Consumer, Business to Business, Business to Employees, and Consumer to Consumer.

One of the popular e-commerce brands in Bangladesh is Banglashoppers. The online retail unit which focuses on makeup and skincare related products is among the most conspicuous online business that is renowned for its high-quality products. Banglashoppers has a Makeup Shop, Hair Care Shop, Perfume Shop, Health & Beauty Shop, Kids and Baby Shop, Bath & Body Shop, Grooming Shop as well as other fashion accessories.

Makeup Shop

It features a wide range of makeup products which include:

  • Eye makeup
  • Face makeup
  • Lip makeup
  • Makeup remover etc.

Hair Care Shop

This section features products which include:

  • Hair color
  • Hair oil
  • Hair treatment products
  • Shampoo and conditioners etc.

Health & Beauty Shop

The main products which are found here are:

  • Skin care products
  • Eye care products

Bath & Body Shop

The Bath and Body Shop has:

  • Face masks
  • Face Wash
  • Sanitizers and hand wash
  • Shower gel and cream etc.

Perfume Shop

This retail category contains:

  • Air fresheners
  • Perfume for men and women.

Overall, Banglashoppers has made online shopping bd very easier and better. For cosmetic lovers, this e-commerce outlet offers the much-needed convenience and the products are affordable.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Advantages of Online Shopping

The reason as to why online shopping has garnered massive popularity is that it has numerous benefits. The main advantages of online shopping include:

It Saves Time

With online shopping, you don’t need to physically travel to a retail outlet. Furthermore, you won’t be required to queue in counters in order to pay for products. E-commerce allows people to shop from the comfort of their homes, offices etc. without spending time to travel. The use of search engines to search for products has also made it more efficient.

Price and Product Comparison

It’s easy to compare different products from different brands. Buyers can easily compare the different prices of products and their features and choose an item that suits their needs and tastes.

24/7 Services

Note that online shops, unlike most physical retail outlets, are usually available 24/7. This means that time isn’t a barrier and a person can shop at any time regardless of the time. You can shop in your pajamas at midnight at work or even while traveling. Depending on your location, these shopping outlets also offer shipping services.

It Saves Money

There are numerous online shops currently and this means that competition is high. In order to attract more customers, most e-commerce outlets offer product discounts to customers. This is fueled by the fact that most marketers don’t have to pay maintenance costs or large amounts of money as well as certain types of trading license.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes it might be very difficult to test the effectiveness of a product especially if you are purchasing it from your local retail stores. However, with online shopping this is different. One can easily check the customer reviews in order to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of a product. Different customer reviews provide vital insights and what you should expect.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping is one of the best things that technology has brought. This mode of doing businesses has helped many businesses to quickly recover from recession. However, when purchasing products online, customers have to be very careful when it comes to revealing personal information such as banking details because of frauds.

An Updated and Comprehensive Review of Orgain Meal Replacement

Orgain Meal Replacement, also known as Orgain Organic Meal Replacement is a powder shake that is designed to replace one or two meals of your preference. It is claimed to be a pure organic supplement that has been formulated with essential nutrients which are beneficial for those people who want to lose weight.

The use of meal replacement shakes has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years and despite the demanding day to day activities, these diet plans help people to stay as healthy as possible. Instead of skipping meals in the hope of losing weight, meal replacement products such as Orgain offer the perfect solution.

How Orgain Meal Replacement Works

This weight loss supplement has been formulated from natural organic compounds which include sprouts, fibers, fruits, and veggies. The organic plant-based products have been proven to be safe and healthy and they make this shake perfect for consumption at any time of the day. Orgain Meal Replacement contains high amounts of proteins which help the consumer to feel satiated for long periods of time. It contains hunger and appetite suppressants which help to reduce food cravings and binge eating. The protein blend contains ingredients such as: 

  • Organic chia seed extract which contains protein, omega fatty acids, and fiber.
  • Organic brown rice protein which helps to enhance the process of digestion.
  • Organic pea protein which contains high amounts of amino acids that is essential for the development of the body.

Orgain meal replacement has an organic creamer base which contains organic rosemary extract, organic rice bran extract, organic inulin, organic rice dextrins, organic high-oleic sunflower oil and organic acacia gum.


Orgain Meal Replacement shake is available in two main flavors i.e. the creamy chocolate fudge and vanilla bean. It has been clinically tested as safe and it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives.


When Orgain meal replacement is mixed with water, it has a delicious, smooth and creamy taste that is tantalizing.

Who and When to Use Orgain Meal Replacement

This supplement can be used at any given time, anywhere. You can use it to replace breakfast, lunch or even both. It is an ideal meal replacement that is great for people who want to stay healthy by shedding extra pounds although they have a busy lifestyle.

Orgain can be used by men, women and also children and whether you are a busy professional, athlete or a student, this diet shakes can help you to effectively lose weight as an on-go meal or as a pre or post-workout refreshment. It is parked with some of the most essential nutrients which help to enhance the body’s wellness and overall health.


This meal replacement contains a blend of food-based minerals and vitamins. A serving contains 8g of organic fiber, 20g of plant-based protein with no added artificial sugar. Overall, Orgain has about 220 calories per serving.


One serving (2 full scoops of the powder) of Orgain meal replacement can be consumed as a breakfast replacement, just before going to school or to work and at lunchtime. The shake should be drunk within two hours when it is not refrigerated and within 24 hours if it is refrigerated or chilled.


  • It can be effectively consumed on the go. For people who have a busy lifestyle or those who are always on the road, this shake can be easily prepared and drank as a meal replacement at any time.
  • It helps to reduce unnecessary food cravings and also binge eating. This meal replacement contains high amounts of proteins which means that you can stay for hours without feeling hungry.  
  • It is easy to prepare and take. Note that preparing a single healthy meal can take hours but with Orgain meal replacement, it only takes a few minutes to mix the powder with water. If you are lazy or in a hurry and you need a healthy quick fix, Orgain offers the best solution.
  • It has a smooth as well as a delicious taste with no feeling of grittiness.
  • It’s an affordable all-in-one solution. This diet supplement contains all the necessary nutrients which the body needs and they are all available in a single drink.

Side Effects

When consumed in appropriate amounts, Orgain has no any side effects. Any reaction that might be experienced is usually as a result of consuming high amounts of the ingredients. For instance, large amounts of organic erythritol can cause a feeling of nausea, bloating, intestinal gas, stomach rumbling and sometimes indigestion.

High amounts of fiber can lead to the constant feeling of thirst and it will make you drink a lot of water, leading to an imbalance of the body’s natural water levels.


Overall, Orgain meal replacement is an effective supplement that provides consumers with both physical and mental benefits. It is a healthy diet plan that has been clinically tested to be safe.

TruVision Weight Loss Sample: The Best Health Product

There has been a rampant debate for the past weeks over TruVision Health with many clients complaining about harmful effects of TruVision weight loss sample from the company. This review will help you know the truth about TruVision by identifying the primary health supplements found in the brand’s products.

What is TruVision Health?

Well, TruVision is a brand mainly known for manufacturing TruEssentials, TruHealth, and TruNecessity products. For the past years, there have been no conflicting reviews regarding the company’s products primarily the adverse side effects. In fact, the research carried out on the ingredients that the company utilizes found that they were all harmless and beneficial. Also, nobody complained of the harmful effects but instead, the absence of personal results.

There are a variety of TruVision weight loss sample. The regular dose of these pills involves a two- tablet routine, which depends on the type of supplement you prefer. TruVision supplements line became known to the public in 2014, with distributors, stores, and manufacturer’s site acting as the primary sales platforms. Through customers’ accounts, the company was able to encourage them to use the products, as they contained no harmful ingredients.

TruVsion manufactures its products by mixing natural ingredients mainly, which include vitamins, bitter orange, caffeine, minerals, dendrobium, and green tea extract.

What are the Side Effects of TruVision?

There are no perfect dietary supplements on the market as each one of them has its unique impacts on users. There is no denying that TruVision weight loss sample can cause shakiness or jitteriness especially products made from caffeine. The pills also cause agitation as well as inducing impatience. These effects of the tablets are mild hence; you should not worry since the symptoms are because of the daily caffeine intake.

In fact, the effect can be quickly reduced by avoiding regular dosage, and it immediately disappears. Nevertheless, many consumers of TruVision products confessed that they had no adverse effects, but instead they were the best remedy for any stomach-related complications.

Is TruVision a Scam or a Legit Health Brand?

You might probably be wondering if TruVision weight loss sample is legit considering there are many fake products moving around. Well, herein is the precise and clear information that proves to you that TruVision Weight Loss Samples are legit and not a scam.

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) researched about products that contained 4-amino-2-methyl pentane citrate (DMBA). The organization scrutinized many companies without leaving out TruVision. The government asserts that the DMBA compound hazardous. Therefore, including it as an ingredient caused immediate action. The government watchdog asked consumers to avoid DMBA products until they made changes and got FDA approval.

In fact, many companies that were found using DMBA as an ingredient were requested to cease sales. TruVision had to stop selling Energy and TryWeight for a while until they corrected their formulation.

It would be inappropriate to call TruVision health a scam, as the brand received the minimal warning only and was able to rectify their affected products.

Science and TruVision Claims

The TruVision Company exists to assist users shed weight to achieve fitness. In fact, many studies find green tea extract, caffeine, and raspberry ketones to be the most effective ingredients of TruVision weight loss sample.

Other Customer Views Regarding TruVision Health Results

There are many user accounts on the internet, which analyze the effectiveness of the TruVision products. Individuals say that they tried using them for a month but in vain, though they did not reveal if the pills interfered with their normal life activities.

However, other groups noted positive results such as significant weight loss and better health. The easiest way to tell if the supplements work for you is to try them. Stay positive and disregard negative opinions until you use TruVision experience first-hand results.


TruVision weight loss sample is a worthwhile product if you consider the ingredients, user reviews, as well as its history on legality. The supplement is useful in helping individuals who want to cut weight, which is the desirable result for everyone on a weight loss journeys. The ingredients have a scientific backing and solve stomach problems. Do not hesitate. Give TruVision a chance before judging its efficiency in lowering body weight.

The Mama June Transformation – Weight Loss Journey Everybody’s Talking About

Most pop culture fans are aware that celebrity Mama June is the news again and this time it is for the right reasons. The 37-year-old has undergone arguably one of the best celebrity weight transformations in recent time. At her heaviest, Mama June was 460 lbs and she is now a size 4. Mama June has talked candidly about her weight loss struggles in the past, but it appears that all that is behind her now as she seeks to adopt a new healthy lifestyle. Speaking about her transformation, Mama June said that she feels great after the whole process and that she still remains the same outgoing and loving person that she was even before when she was more than 300 lbs heavier. Many people went on social media to congratulate her on her achievements and others were surprised if indeed she was the Mama June they previously knew. She also talked about how she hated the disguises she had to adorn during the filming of the show so as not to reveal herself before the episode had been aired.    

The Mama June Transformation

Mama June’s weight loss journey has been well documented on the WE TV show Mama June: From Not to Hot. The show is a 7 part series that showcases what Mama June went through to reach her current weight. She was barely recognizable when she was revealed her new body size at the end of From Not to Hot. Mama June transformation was a combination of surgery and extreme training program. Her trainer, Kenya Crooks said that they did a lot of weight training and other cardio exercises like running.    

Mama June Weight Loss Surgeries   

Mama June has had various surgeries which are related to her weight loss journey. These surgeries were featured on the episodes on the show. Back in 2016, she did a gastric surgery which makes the stomach smaller. After losing more weight she went back to get another surgery to remove excess skin. The mother of 4 also had another surgery on her breasts in which the size of her breasts was reduced. It is reported that all of June’s surgeries could have cost an upwards of more than $50,000.

Mama June transformation shows that with the will and the right mindset, it is absolutely possible to lose weight. Going from over 300 lbs to a size 4 is no mean feat. Her show, From Not to Hot should be a must watch for people who are struggling with weight loss. On the show, you can see how Mama June had hidden a secret stash of junk food which her daughter discovered and ratted out to June’s trainer. The show is a reminder of the long journey of weight loss and what it really takes for that level of transformation.    

It was also refreshing that Mama June was upfront about the surgeries that she got as that is something that most celebrities tend to hide when talking about their body transformations. The show also opens up the world of surgery in weight loss and provides a lot of knowledge to people who would like to choose this path. One major takeaway from the surgeries that Mama June had is that you have to combine surgery with other natural weight loss programs such as diet and exercise. This came out when according to her trainer Kenya, the new challenge is in maintaining her new weight. Kenya said that since Mama June transformation included surgeries, it is in her best interest to maintain a healthy weight.  

This means that June will have to adopt new major changes, especially in her diet and exercise regimen. Mama June also hinted that she did not feel as small as she is and that her daughters and close friends had to remind her of her new body size. According to her daughter “Pumpkin,” Mama June transformation was possible because she did not do it for other people but for her own. June is a good testament that anybody can achieve get their dream body or achieve their weight loss goals. It is a tough journey but the rewards are worth it as Mama Junes notes. This is also the best time to lose weight since there are many weight loss options and solutions currently in the market.

Grab All the Best Eye Make-Up Products Ever from One Store

If you are a lady? Have you always wished that you had control of your beauty? Well, you may think beauty is an inborn feature, but you can control how you look with perfect combinations of eye makeup. With the right products and application, makeup can create transformed impressions and bring out the hidden beauty of a lady. 

Different eye shapes, colors, and sizes, which require different makeup to make them stand out and attractive. With the best eye makeup products, being an eye makeup pro can be as simple as ABC. We can make it true for you.

Our Eye Makeup Products

Eye Primer – Eye primer always goes first. It creates a perfect theme base for other eye makeups and gives your eye makeup a long stay. 

Eye shadow- After applying the eye primer, you can apply the eye shadow 

Eye Liner – Depending on its application, The Eyeliner can become your makeup’s best friend or worst enemy. The perfect eyeliner will make you an eye liner pro. 

Eye Brows – Sometimes keeping a calm mood with people can be hard. Eyebrows makeup have a magic of building false facial impressions. You can also further define your eyebrows using eye shades and eye brushes. 

Eye Lashes – If you think your eyelashes count is too low or they are too straight, we have got you covered too. Most girls like Adrell’s eyelashes. You will find the Adrell and other best eye makeup brands at cheap prices.  

Mascara – Depending on your needs, you can get any mascara ranging from the lighter to the extreme versions. 

Under Eye Concealer- with the under eye concealer, you can make those black eye lines not bother you anymore.

Our featured brands include; 




The Balm 

Absolute NY 


Makeup Revolution 

Kara Beauty

How to apply eye makeup using our products

The eye primer always comes first. Apply it to create a nice surface for your makeup, once it is dry, you can follow it up with an eye shadow base or a concealer as an alternative.

For eye shades, you should always start with the four basic shades before stepping on to the complex shades. This will help you maintain the natural look without exaggerating. The basic shades include a matte black shade, a highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin, a two to three shade darker contour shade, and a matte mid-tone shade.

You will use a small flat eye shadow brush to apply the shades, a small and medium-sized brush to blend and an optional smudger.

Apply the lightest shed on the inner corner of your eyes with the flat brush and blend it outwards using the medium-sized. Cover it with the highlighter starting with the corner of your eyes. You will also need to dampen your brush by dipping it in water, which will give you an amazing pigment thereafter.

Now using the mid-tone shade, apply the eye shadow using a blending brush just above the crease. Spread it from the outer corner inwards. To work well on your crease, start with the edge of your nose moving gently to the edge of your eyes. Make sure the area below the line is clear.

Apply the contour shade on the outer corner then blend it towards the crease on the outer portion of the eye. This should be done with caution though — contour shade should not be higher than the contour shade. Apply the contour on the eyes too. 

After finishing your eyelid makeup, work on the bottom part. The mid-tone and the contour shade will work well. Mix them and apply starting from the outer corner gliding towards the highlighter. 

Apply the matte black shadow on the outer corner of the eyes and finish with the lower lash line to look complete. This will give your eyes a more impressive look. Remember to use the black shade for a great look, and curl the lashes for a more dramatic look.  

Sum it up with mascara and add eyeliner and the transformation is now complete!

Banglashoppers brings you the best eye cosmetics you will need to transform your eye looks and stand out. With sources and inspirations from US, China, UK and other best cosmetic manufacturers. Banglashoppers will give you all you need for those killer eyes. You will find all the eye makeup products at cheap prices — You pockets too matter at Banglashoppers!

5 Side Effects Of CBD Hemp Oil You Need To Know 

CBD hemp oil has been around for decades, thanks to its myriad of health benefits. But like with any other oil, this oil isn’t completely free of side effects. Here are 5 side effects that are associated with this all-natural oil that is naturally derived from seeds of hemp plant. 


It Contains Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

The omega 6 and the omega 3 present in CBD hemp oil are among the many types of fatty acids that are classified as polyunsaturated. Although these compounds are largely beneficial to the body, they can however lead to health problems when consumed in excess. For instance, excess polyunsaturated fatty acids are linked with increased risk of cancer growth, cardiac dysfunction and increased vulnerability to bacterial infection. 


CBD can Produce Harmful Peroxides Once Used Under Intense Heat

When CBD hemp oil is heated above 121 degrees Fahrenheit, the polyunsaturated fat in it can produce harmful peroxides. Long-term exposure to this compound can lead to skin damage, and also damage other organs. Again, there is also the likelihood of the resulting chemical exploding hence causing fire. As such, hemp oil should only be used on cold and warm dishes.  

Keep the hemp oil in a cool place that is free from direct sunlight exposure, lest its quality get compromised over time. Also keep in mind that hemp oil is among the all-natural oils , and thus it is perishable like other types of natural oils. Therefore, the best way to safeguard its longevity is by keeping it in an airtight container, and preferably in the refrigerator.

CBD can Lead to Digestive Disorders for Some People 

There are some people who report experiencing stomach problems such as softening of the stool upon ingesting CBD hemp oil. These stomach problems can degenerate into painful cramps and diarrhea over time. Persons that are vulnerable to bowel movement disorders are encouraged to consult their doctor prior to taking this all-natural oil, or alternatively choose a different way of treatment. 

CBD hemp oil
CBD hemp oil & seeds.
It is Psychoactive in Sensitive Individuals 

Although the amount of psychoactive THC in hemp is negligible, some people still experience “high” or psychoactive effects after ingesting CBD hemp oil. This can lead to anxiety and hallucination for some people. Therefore, desist from using hemp oil just in case you are sensitive to THC. Always seek medical advice from your doctor if you still want to take hemp oil. Considering that different products contain varied levels of THC, then it make sense to try out various types of CBD oil until you get the one that works best for you.

Nevertheless, the amount of THC contained in hemp oil is overly low and thus the vast majority of persons will barely experience any psychoactive effects upon consuming this oil.

Can Lead to Unexpected Blood Clotting Conditions

Hemp oil is known to affect the way blood platelets and anticoagulants work, or worse still hinder their production altogether. Due to this possibility, persons living with blood clotting deficiencies are advised to consult with their doctor prior to consuming hemp oil.

Countering CBD Side Effects

Simply put, the best way to counter side effects associated with CBD hemp oil is by lowering your dosage. The lower the dosages you consume, the lower the possibility of experiencing side effects. But considering that the side effects are minimal, you can gradually increase your dosage until you identify the best balance for you.



Understanding the side effects of CBD hemp oil is crucial to optimizing the many benefits linked with this oil. If you aren’t sure of any potential risks as well as how your body will react to hemp oil, then it is better to remain safe by seeking more information from your doctor. 

Although most people experience minimal side effects of CBD hemp oil, it is however imperative to be aware of any potential risks associated with the oil prior to taking it. Devoid of this information, some people might not actually realize that indeed the CBD oil is the real cause, or they might think that a certain symptom is being occasioned by this oil, while it is actually something different. Try different doses and remedies during your treatment to lower your susceptibility to these side effects. 


Every good home deserves a very good fence. It is an important investment that every home-owner must make at some point. Not only does it provide protection and some level of privacy, it also adds to the curb appeal of your home.  
Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful your fence may look, it is subject to damage. This means that sooner or later you may need the services of a fence repair company.  
If you live in Baton Rouge, for example, you must have noticed that there are quite a number of companies around that offers fence repair services as well its installation. This leaves you, however, with one question. 
How do I know which one is the best? 
There are a few tips to take note of when hiring a fence repair or installation company in Baton Rouge. Their experience, cost, customer service, specialization, and your fence type are few out of them.  
While there are different types of fences available in the market currently, a good fence repair company in Baton Rouge will be able to handle the repairs and installation of any type of fence. Here are a few details to take note of about the most common type of fence in the market before going ahead to choose a fence repair company in Baton Rouge. 
1. Wrought Iron Fence  
These are probably the most durable fences around. They provide adequate covering and security and are equally well crafted to add to the aesthetics of your home. However, regardless of their durability, they can still get damaged. Wrought iron fences are of high quality, this means that they will also require a high level of skill to be able to fix them. At A-American Fence Company, we have a highly skilled fence repair team with a portfolio of experience when it comes to repairing fences such as this.  

2. Chain Link Fence  
Chain link Fences are the most common in the market. This is largely because of their cost-effectiveness and overall ease of installation. When a Chain Link Fence does get damaged, most fence repair companies would advise that you install a new fence. This means extra cash and stress on your part as the home-owner. This is where the services of an expert fence repair company become essential. You need a specialist who can make the right assessment and give you the right recommendations because not all damages require an outright installation of a new fence.  
When it comes to integrity and expertise, no other company beats A-American Fence company in Baton Rouge. We always make sure that you get the right service and at the right price too.  
3. Vinyl Fence 
This also comes in different styles, sizes, and colors. Vinyl or PVC fences require no form of maintenance or painting and they are extremely easy to repair when damaged. 
However, unplanned events such as felling of trees can cause adverse damages to the strongest of vinyl fences. At A-American fence company, we know exactly how to keep your vinyl fences in good shape and at prices, you can afford.  
4. Wood fence 
Most classy looking fences are usually made of wood. Depending on the wood type, the treatment used, and mode of installation, wood fences do last for a very long time. However, regardless of how long a wooden fence lasts, they do get damaged and warped with time.  
Repairing a damaged wooden fence goes beyond having access to the damaged area or assessing the entire length of the fence in search of vulnerabilities. You need the expert service of a company such as A-American that knows exactly how to repair a wooden fence and the right material to make use of. A-American fence company provides the best quality wood and can equally replace warped or damaged wood board in your fence efficiently and quickly.  
Our Commitment to You 
At A-American fence company, customer service is important to us. Right from your very first call, our representatives will be willing to provide you with all the information that you may require. Our repair team are equally reliable, fast and efficient, and are capable of providing quality repairs, and installation in record time. 
We know what fencing means to your home and how inconveniencing a damaged fence can be. As a result, A-American fence company is committed to always providing prompt services and appropriate estimates whenever the need arises. We are an expert fence repair company in Walker, LA , near Baton Rouge and we know just how to repair your fence and increase its durability.  

Los Angeles-Speech Therapy: The Solution Your Child Needs

Speech therapy is a clinical program that aims at improving the language skills and speech of your child with the help of speech-language pathologists(SLPs). The program deals with a variety of language and speech disorders which include fluency, articulation as well as voice regulation. It also teaches your child how to understand and express the language using pictures, written words, body signs, and communication systems like computers and social media platforms. Besides, the speech therapy also focuses on feeding disorders like swallowing or eating. If you’re looking for counseling such as speech therapy Los Angeles is home to great pathologists, notably through Speak Live Play.


Importance of Speech Therapy to a Child

Some children may be faster learners or have perfect pronunciation, but they may require speech therapy at one point to enhance their pragmatic language. Also, the program is helpful to a child who may have medical conditions like Down Syndrome, brain injury, or any complication that affects his or her ability to communicate. The services are introduced to the child at an early age and continues as they join the school and begin communication using written language. Speech therapy Los Angeles offers can benefit a wide variety of children with special cases such as: 


  • Articulation and Speech Sound Disorders 
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Disorders and Delays 
  • Apraxia of Speech 
  • And much more… 


Functions of Speech Therapists or SLPs

The speech and language pathologists are essential in helping to identify the language and speech disorders among children or students. They assist them by putting their ideas into words and finally forming sentences. They also help them to understand and follow all directions.

To offer direct services to the children, speech therapists perform evaluations first and communicate with teachers informing them to build language-type classrooms for children with speech and language problems.

An SLP can be a person or a group of people facing the same communication and social challenges. Their main aim is to create friendships, make language enjoyable, and motivate students to achieve their goals and dreams in school. Melissa is an experienced pathologist in Los Angeles. Speech Therapy and Feeding Therapy are her expertise. Use the link above to learn more about Melissa and Speak Live Play.

Speech Therapy Programs

Speech therapists not only focus on language, cognitive, or articulation problems but also deal with eating and swallowing difficulties among children. It’s not always a surprise to find kids with both feeding and language disorders. Such children are assisted using smoother motor aspects of moving lips and jaws simultaneously.

The SLP may also use whistles, blow toys and introduce a blow the cotton ball type of relay race as a way of hardening muscles mostly used in eating and communication. The program also uses a toothbrush that produces music, straws, and blowing bubbles to assist children in enduring different tastes.


Teaching Pragmatics Language

Speech therapists also deal with children who experience difficulties in interpreting others, using speech and sign language, reading and understanding certain cues, and making friends. In fact, they find it hard attending to social programs and responding to non-verbal cues. Therefore, by SLPs, the child will benefit a lot because the program teaches your child about the relationship between behaving, thinking, and how other people respond to them.


How to Treat Nonverbal Child

Children who are unable to speak are taught how to use their body language and pictures to convey their information. The process is done by early intervention and preschool speech therapists. School-aged kids may use iPads or computers to pass information in the form of a voice synthesizer or through texts. Besides, the LSPs, also use similar computers to teach children language as well as speaking skills through inspiration and engagement.


How to Find Speech and Language Therapy Services

Speech and Language Pathologists are mostly found in public schools evaluating and teaching children with speech, language, and eating disorders. Therefore, as a parent, you may either choose to have a private SLP or allow your child to join any social skills training program in school. Ensure you ask a physician or the school guidance department to propose the best club having kids of same development needs and ages to yours. You may also find them through social media platforms offering online directory services. These services help parents to understand the period at which their kid can develop language problems and seek medical assistance earlier.

The earlier the intervention, the better. If you live in California and you have a child who needs speech therapy you can start now. Many parents who have tried the speech therapy Los Angeles offers can attest to its amazing capabilities.  Most children who are introduced to speech therapists at an earlier age typically improve quicker and you won’t need the program anymore at a later stage in life. Speech therapists ensure your child is perfect in understanding words and communicating with others.